Sinyatat Law Translations & Publications Centre
the translator and publisher of Chinese Translations of Malaysian Law Series.

Established in 1983 by Mr. Wong See Choon , an ex-journalist, Sinyatat Law Translations & Publications Centre is the only translation and publication organization in Malaysia that specializes in translating English-enacted Malaysian acts and enactments into Chinese, and published under the Chinese Translations of Malaysian Law Series.

After serving Nanyang Siang Pau (南洋商報) for about 25 years as a reporter and later chief reporter, with court cases as his main coverage, Mr. Wong was set to note the extremely poor legal awareness among the non-English-educated Chinese Malaysians and tried to find out the real reasons leading to this miserable situation. It turned out to be the complete absence of Chinese translation of local laws, so much so that he decided to fill this vacuum by turning himself a full-time law translator. He started with the translation of Federal Constitution. When the translated Chinese version was ready for publication, he suddenly faced another even more serious problem—being unable to find a publisher for such a pioneering project. After exhausting all the alternatives, he ended up with the formation of Sinyatat Law Translations & Publications Centre in 1983 and made himself not only a translator, but also a publisher and distributor.

Being a pioneer in this field, the challenges Mr. Wong faced in the early days were understandable. Despite of all these odds, he persisted for almost a quarter of a century, out of which, he spent eights years overseas to serve as US government law translation specialist, specializing in translating PRC laws into English. Back in 1998, he continued his mission by translating more Malaysian laws into Chinese, including Companies Act 1965 that took him two full years to finish. Today, he has a total of 25 publications under the Chinese Translations of Malaysian Law Series, with more and more non-English-speaking Chinese Malaysians apparently benefiting from the series.

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Publisher and Translator
Wong See Choon

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